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NOTE: We are in NO WAY endorsing the following products, nor have we received any sort of payment for putting them on our blog. They're just some fun, handy gadgets that we've found along the way.

Citrus Peeler

I love oranges, but my least favorite part about eating them has got to be digging my finger into the rind to get the peel started. I usually end up cutting the ends off with a knife first. But, then I found this amazing little tool. Slips right onto your finger and you can make as many cuts as you need. Makes peeling a breeze! There's a bunch of options on Amazon, some even come in multi packs. And they're small, which means I can carry one in my purse (hey, I work on a citrus farm and it's normal to pop outside and yank an orange off the tree!).

Cost: varies, anywhere from $2.00-$10.00

Lékué Citrus Sprayer

There's a lot of different brands out there that make a tool like this, but we found this particular one at Bed, Bath & Beyond and we love it! It's so simple to use and extremely handy. I find myself giving a little spritz of lemon, orange or lime juice to so many different things. Grilled chicken, fresh avocados, salads, even into a glass of water! I really like this one specifically because it came with two attachements, one for larger citrus and one for smaller citrus.

Cost: about $15.00

DASH Go Citrus Juicer

Another great find at Bed, Bath & Beyond! I love having a glass of fresh squeezed juice in the morning, but I hate taking apart big machines to clean them. This was the perfect solution! Small, easy to store and to clean, and I especially love that there's measuring lines. Super easy to measure out one glass and not have any waste!

Cost: about $20.00

Have you used any of these products, or are there other types of citrus tools that you like to use? Share with us!

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