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Stockings are an absolute must in our family on Christmas. In fact, I have 3-4 that get filled with goodies by grandparents, parents and my sweet fiance each year. It's probably one of my favorite Christmas traditions and this year I'm even more excited about them! I'm an only child and my parents always made sure my stocking was filled to the brim, yet they never had their own (expect the ones from grandma and grandpa). I decided that need to change this year! We bought all new stockings and I'm filling my mom's and dad's. I've had a blast finding both fun and practical things, and thought I'd share some suggestions!


Craft beer: It seems to be getting more and more popular these days. Head to your local BevMo or World Market and pick 1 or 2 bottles out. I usually just pick the ones with the coolest labels ;-)

Beef jerky and nuts, aka 'man food': Perfect to pair with those craft beers!

Mini LED flashlight: Oh so handy! I found these at Target and they fit in a pocket perfectly, just like a pen!

Tire pressure gauge: Again, super handy. Your local hardware or autoparts store should have these.

Cigars: To top off with the craft beer and 'man food'. You've created the perfect little guys' night.


Mini hand sanitizers: Bath & Body Works has a great selection, and there's always deals going so you can pick out a couple!

Socks: But not just any socks! I found these aloe socks at Bed, Bath & Beyond and they're soooo cozy!

Lip balm/lip gloss: EOS are the new thing! Can't leave the house without mine. They're found at just about every check out line these days. You can always go for the the classic ChapStick brand, too!

Nail polish: Gel polish is almost the best new thing since sliced bread, and now we can buy it at the store! Also loving Jamberry nail wraps!

Coffee mug cozy: Gotta love accessories. It's so fun to dress up to-go cups with these little things, plus it keeps your hand from getting too warm from the cup! Pair this with that new nail polish and your ladies will have some fabulous phalanges! Head over to Etsy, search 'coffee cup cozy' and pick your favorite!

PLEASE NOTE: I have not been paid to advertise these products, nor do I endorse them in any way. The opinions and suggestions expressed are strictly my own.

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